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Update 8/30/16: I'm aware it's been a very long time since I've updated. I work 40 hours a week, but I am back and will be writing again. At tale of how Percy faces his destiny when he knows from the beginning what is to come.

I recently moved 2000 miles across the country for a temporary internship. With the help of his guild and the support of his mate, Natsu prepares for his most difficult fight yet, and must put everything on the line if he wants to succeed. Unraveling Destiny- a Percy Jackson story in which he learns of the Great Prophecy and his role his first time at camp.

Yuri and Viktor's relationship grows as they get back on the competition road, and new complications rise with them.

(Proper follow-up to the TV series; not AU, no crack ships, no weird shit.)There is a reason why the hobbits don't leave the Shire.

A story of where Bilbo didn't fall down deeper in the goblin caves and finds the Ring but was brought in front of the Goblin Kings wrath.

No Slash, AU No Ring What will Harry do when he is summoned to Rivendell and is thrown into the mess of the fellowship where he happens to catch the eye of one blonde elf? After five years travelling the world, Harry Potter has landed in New York.

We'll set it at late October to mid November, so only Lee isn't 18 yet and Hinata's not seventeen.

So, in order to be realistic, the entirety of the war is not taking place in the span of a day.)For our purposes, the majority of the Konoha rookies are seventeen when the war ends in the prologue.

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As best as I can estimate, the village of Konoha is something like 70 or 80 years old. Her father is in charge with arranging Roald a marriage to a Yamani princess.

Written to be a realistic Sakura trains, growing as she suffers hardships and challenges. Saving Sasuke- We were going back to save him from Madara, from the dark and from himself. A Dragon's True Purpose-He's defeated Acnologia, but now he must save mankind from the darkest wizard to ever exist: Zeref.