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Now the profession’s public voice, Equity, is challenging what it claims are outdated assumptions about its members’ prowess on the roads - and says it has found evidence that insurers are penalising them out of “prejudice” rather than a cool-headed assessment of the facts.The trade union for thespians has become so angry with Britain’s £33bn-a-year insurance industry that it has launched a national campaign urging its members to demand a better deal.In a letter to the union, the director general of the trade body the Association of British Insurers, Otto Thoresen, explained: “For actors, we have been told that they are much more likely to be involved in a collision than for most other occupations.”The ABI said this was “probably” due to actors driving long distances and late at night when touring and the possibility of expensive claims from giving colleagues a lift – as well as the risk of settling a claim involving a high-earning star.However when asked to share the underlying “actuarial data” demonstrating the higher risk, the ABI admitted that no single insurer had “a large enough number of actors as customers to be able to draw reliable statistical conclusions from their claims history”.

Indeed so unfortunate is the perceived record of actors behind the wheel that they are ranked alongside journalists and footballers in official actuarial charts of recklessness – and are charged sky-high premiums for motor insurance.She was educated at Whiston Infants School, Eccleston Park Junior School and Prescot and Huyton Grammar School for Girls which she left aged 17 after one year of her A-level course, having decided to become an actress.After working as a Higher Grade tax inspector, when her boyfriend was one of the pop group The Swinging Blue Jeans, she worked for Brian Epstein.She will play Denker, a lady's maid to the Dowager Countess, played by Dame Maggie Smith. In 1967, she married her first husband Neil Johnston and became pregnant at the age of 24.

Johnston currently portrays Julie in the BBC Radio 4 series Love in Recovery. She suffered a miscarriage shortly after and the couple later divorced but she kept his surname as her professional name.In May 2008 it was confirmed Johnston would return as Barbara Royle for another episode of The Royle Family, which aired on Christmas Day 2008 on BBC One.[4] The show returned for further Christmas specials in 2009, 20.