Autistic dating guide

21-Nov-2017 01:41

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In addition, Mr Ball also has a fundraising page for the National Autistic Society which has already exceeded its £1,000 target.

A man with autism has been paid damages by a private hospital and the police after abuse in their care led to him suffering post-traumatic stress disorder.

Adam Nasralla, 23, was pinned to the floor and to his bed for 11 hours by nine members of staff at Wast Hills, a private hospital in Birmingham that specialises in the condition.

Nasralla was sometimes so heavily medicated that he could hardly speak or stand.

It is 10 o’clock on a snowy morning in east London, and the wind section is warming up – Mozart, Brahms and Ibert are on the bill.

Ibby is more than just a lively six-year-old; he has autism, as do his 20 or so classmates in the hall of the Phoenix school in Bow.

After being arrested for assaulting staff he was handcuffed, restrained by a belt and forced to wear a spit hood overnight.