Biggest loser kim and dolvett dating website

21-Nov-2017 01:33

In the next challenge, the players must pull three food trucks over 600 feet.

Team Jen finally conquers their first challenge, winning a healthy cooking lesson with celebrity chef Lorena Garcia.

Dolvett picks the Blue Team, Gray Team, Purple Team, and White Team to support Team Dolvett aka Team Red.

That leaves Jen with the Green Team, Orange Team, Pink Team, and Yellow Team to support Team Jen aka Team Black.

Everyone gets on the treadmill and goes at their desired pace.

Both teams are neck and neck at first, but Richard and Erin from Team Dolvett beat Team Jen's Hernandez brothers to the top when one of the twins on the other team keeps falling off the ladder.

Both members of the Blue Team, Britney and Toy fall below the line, and the team decides to vote Britney off the ranch by a 4-1 vote.

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