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This week also marked the summer reading program kick-off for libraries in Dade County.The first show for me was at the Coral Gables Library this past Saturday and it was a show performed to a standing room only crowd and one which I left with several bookings for additional private shows.

No pasa un día que no la echo de menos y deseo que ella todavía estuviera con nosotros, pero fuimos bendecidos con que ella por casi 15 años por lo que contamos nuestras bendiciones por eso. sale todos los lunes, normalmente para la 1 pm, pero esto depende de cuánto trabajo tengo temprano en la mañana.This past week I received a couple of emails asking me why I don’t change the subject line on the emails that I send out….response is the same to both emails and I am sharing it here in case others have a question as well: Pittsburgh this summer (July 13-16) is packed with great events – Special fun and activities for those attendees who are under the age of 18,- a Special Welcome, an Autograph Party (with the performers in attendance), an Ice Cream S ocial, and Wyour registration materials AND register for your Special Interest Group (SIG) sessions.Space in each session is limited and available on a first come, first served basis…The cost of registering for the conference is US / EUR €70.

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