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11-Nov-2017 11:29

They’re not so much a group of individuals as a congregation of characteristics, a multitude of attitudes.Meanwhile, How to Find Love Online (Channel 4, Tuesday), a two-part documentary, aims to help us with internet dating.The show is full of sharp one-liners and angsty people with a certain city slickness.But all that smartness gets wearying after a while.The first episode, about two very different people on a blind date, was quite intriguing. The female character, Mia, looked disconcertingly like Samantha Cameron. Does Channel 4 know something we don’t about how the Camerons met?But then, the on-screen David was a lorry driver with an authentic-sounding northern accent, so the similarities ended there.

Masquerading as a hospital staffer, she made the rounds of very ill people as a kind of beautiful, gaping tourist.The programme is already ruffling up feathers on social media despite it not even airing yet, with many people taking to Twitter to express their opinions.One person tweeted: "There's seriously a show called "Is Love Racist?(One of the patients stopped knocking on death’s door long enough to whisper the mortal line, ‘You are too pretty to be a nurse.’) The series can’t forget how desirable it is, which stops it from being truly daring.

In the fourth episode, good-looking ethnic-Chinese lesbian Erica is having trouble coming out to her family.

It’s having a Mating Season and — unusually for the network — it’s not all about sex. The drama series is about ‘the social minefield’ of modern dating, and what a minefield it is.