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29-Sep-2017 06:57

I would have preferred a deeper look at one or two of their points, rather than the broad overview.This book gives a healthy, helpful perspective to people in the dating phase of life.

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), or if it’s better to wait until a man—my man— pursues me with the intention of marriage. I’ve realized by personal experience and by observing the dating (or non-dating) lives of the Christian adults around me that many of us are relationally stunted. We don’t know how to date, because we’ve never done it or we’ve never done it right. From the very first chapter, the authors set up the premise that they are, in some ways, addressing the “kiss dating good-bye” approach promoted just a couple years before was released in the year 2000.So this book addresses the common missteps in dating due to a lack of appropriate boundaries, as well as establishes the good benefits that result from healthy dating relationships, whether or not these relationships lead to the marriage altar.