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22-Aug-2017 21:22

Mrs.kinky is pretty firm on the female in this being open to bi play. For any one wondering what to label this want of ours its (polyamorous) We are open to being exclusive with another couple after a period of time has passed and everything is stable.

This would mean with an STD check possible condomless play. Kinky unless it's with some one that we have had previous encounters with and are at that comfort level. -On the above note of playing with others together if we have met before or make an instant connection awesome we might be good to go for it.

Fun couples that are more attractive than the rest while not the norm, is ideal. Were solid on our wants and needs and wont bend for anyone.

If you have or do, it will be considered a criminal violation of my privacy and will be subject to legal action under the Privacy Act, Copyright and/or other associated legislation looking for a woman that is kinky and wanting to be pleased alot. I have alot of interests open minded and don't judge.Shy female, can be outgoing once she warms up to you. She is my light in the dark after a long hard day Drinks the odd time doesn't smoke. Very outgoing male, active lifestyle and working on himself.Amazing passionate kisser, can make me wet with a single deep kiss.Connecting on a physical, social, intellectual and sexual level is a must for us before anything serious happens. I have being in this life style for awhile and not shy to walk around naked. We also love our trips to Desire Pearl, what a classy and sexy place to just let loose.

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We would love to find one or two couples for ongoing FWB relationship. We love doing photo shoots...would like to get more people involved though..more the merrier Mrs Dee enjoy's a good massage..if you are experienced in this. Love to experience some light form of bondage for the Mrs...being tied up and blindfolded is one of our fantasies.

If we sound like the kind of people you'd like to hang out a line! We like lots of flirting and teasing to get the sexual tension in the air. We only play together in the same room and enjoy watching each other being pleasured by other people. We've enjoyed many trips to Desire resorts and the occasional trip to the clubs to watch and be watched. She has the freedom to pursue any sexual relationships be it with a man or women she has my consent, whatever makes Mrs Dee happy makes Mr. She likes her men between 35-50,,young ,fit, hot, cut & Mr Dee is very straight so you gay males please don't send us invites to look at your pics of you dressed in lingerie shoving things in your butt..killer.