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21-Dec-2017 23:46

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These worldly churches still call themselves “Baptists” but in fact they do not believe or practice what true Baptists have historically believed and more importantly what the Word of God says.

The true Independent Fundamental Baptists have no association or fellowship with these churches because they teach or practice things contrary to the New Testament.

Though many people including Webster’s Dictionary refers Baptists as being Protestants, it is not correct to refer to them as such or to lump all non-Catholic denominations in one group and label them Protestant.

Historically, Baptists were never a part of the Roman Catholic Church or the Protestant Reformation and therefore can not be correctly called “protestors” or Protestants.

The word “Independent” means that the church is not a member of any council, convention or is a part of any hierarchy outside the local congregation.

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Later Presbyterians, Episcopalians and Methodist were added to the lists of Protestants denominations.The name Fundamental Independent Baptist is of recent origin and came into being because many modern day Baptist churches compromising the Word of God and teaching and practicing false doctrines.There were however, many Baptists who loved the Word of God and held true to it and refused to abandon teaching the New Testament.Fundamental Baptist use the name in its strictest sense as meaning holding to the fundamentals of the New Testament teachings without error.

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True Independent Fundamental Baptist Churches uphold the purest teachings of the early church as revealed in the New Testament. The name Protestant was given to those churches which came out of Roman Catholicism during the Reformation which began in the 1500s.(For a explanation of the biblical role of deacons please go to pastor of the church is called by majority vote of the congregation.

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