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04-Aug-2017 19:25

He’s gotten better looking and more successful, so he goes after other women.” Another type is “someone who is such a player and so insecure and had a horrific relationship with their mother.” “So they always need to be flexing that muscle makes them feel good in that people want them.That’s really not a good person and they’re going to cheat anyway.” Rori says there are clues that determine the cheating type who cheats for the sake of cheating.Looking at the show, you'd think the people apparently cheating on their spouses or lovers would show a little more discretion, but on the show they're often caught in the most public places.When Cheaters has enough of the gotcha video, the host, Clark Gable II - yes he's the grandson of the famous actor Clark Gable - approaches the cheaters for the dramatic and sometimes outrageous confrontation.

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Women often say they were “blindsided,” or that their husbands began an affair after 20 years of marriage, or maybe it happened once and they don’t really talk about it. Do all men cheat and it’s just some secret code they have with each other to behave in front of the wives?“I hope they don’t all cheat because I’m married to one for 17 years. “Men are not communicative creatures by nature, while women want to be heard and talk about feelings. If they have a talkative woman, she’s labeled a nag and a pain in the ass.


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