Samsung smart tv web browser keeps updating

28-Jul-2017 17:21

This message has been haunting me for weeks, and drops down on top of whatever I am watching - regardless of the source - a few minutes after I turn the tv on. Somehow I either got rid of it or it finally just stopped. On my particular TV, there is no way to turn off these notifications, unless they recently added it in a fw update in the past few months.Nonetheless I cannot find any reliable way to stop these. Samsung's view on the TV is it's their own ad or other delivery system (read Capability/smart )I find other boxes deliver a better smart tv solution. This is confirmed after a long chat with a Samsung CSR who accessed my tv directly and could not get them to stop coming. I guess that poster assumed no company can't be this crappy when its comes to the popups and assumed worse of the users instead.It would be helpful if people posting their experience would include the model number of their TV as it appears that (some?) TV's have the ability to permanently stop notifications (ability to turn off) and others can not.Since Samsung's PIA ( and other failures of Smart Hub I decided to disable that and use other devices for streaming. I found some menu and the word Auto Start came up a lot.As a follow up to this thread, I got so fed up seeing these stupid popups that I completely disconnected the TV from the internet, and will never buy another Samsung TV again. far more responsive, and much better app/channel selection. The latest intrusion I've seen is an ad that popped up when the HDMI input was used. Give it a few years and it will look like this on all displays. After reading your comment, I went exploring since I was wanting to eliminate them also.

I also own 2 Samsung blu ray players model 5900 they are hooked up to internet and NOTIFICATION"S POP UP WHILE WATCHING A BLU RAY MOVIE!!!

I've done battle with Samsung's lying, worthless CSR's and tech support specialists on this issue for the past two years, and the only "solution" to the problem is disconnecting the network cable from the set (and keeping it off your wireless network, too, if that's your bag).

I own a 2013-purchased 60" LED, model number: UN60F7100AF Call center reps and chat specialists will walk you through the process of deleting the service notice via: Menu [select "Delete All"], which will allow you to "dismiss" the Service Notice currently being served to your television, but Samsung CSR's will swear to you up and down that this will permanently disable/delete/dismiss the notice in question, when -- in fact -- it will not.

BTW if you notice when notification appears the "details" box is highlighted already so if you hit your enter button on remote bye bye to whatever program you were watching.

These notifications should only appear ONE TIME if at all and be on screen long enough to grab your remote and IF you select "OK" which means you acknowledge the notification they should NEVER reappear again. Well, notifications are still happening as of March 27 2016, but now have another issue...I've had pop up notification happen more than once while watching the same movie too.

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