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While the two groups do have a lot in common, Luciferians view themselves as separate from Satanists.

From the Luciferian viewpoint, Satanists are primarily focused on the physical nature of man, exploring, experimenting and enjoying that nature while rejecting endeavors to rise beyond it. Luciferians view Lucifer as a spiritual and enlightened being.

Stories of devil-worshippers existed in the middle ages and later but were largely folkloric and did not describe genuine religious practices.

However, there have been a few branches of religious belief which involve the worship of Satan.

Similar to La Veyan Satanism, the Satanic Temple is an atheistic organization, and does not believe in a literal Satan, though some of its members are theistic Satanists.

Unlike La Veyans, however, the Satanic Temple rejects the supernatural entirely.

Because Satanists (both theistic and La Veyan/atheistic) and Luciferians both use terms Christians associate with the Devil, it is commonly assumed that Satanists and Luciferians are one and the same, or that one is a subset of the other.

Theistic Satanism believes that "Satan" is an actual independently existing being, which serves as a God-analogue.

While atheistic Satanists categorically deny that any gods or higher powers exist, theistic Satanists vary in their opinions: A prominent example of theistic Satanism is the Temple of Set.

Luciferianism is an offshoot of theistic Satanism that follows most of the same precepts, with the main point of contention between the two groups being one of philosophical hair-splitting: Luciferians tend to look down upon Satanism as being too preoccupied with the carnal and with anti-Christian rebellion, whereas they, on the other hand, seek to rise above their status as base animals.

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was founded by Anton La Vey in 1960s San Francisco.

And while Luciferians do embrace the enjoyment of one's life, they accept that there are greater and more spiritual goals to be had.