Sex web pods

02-Oct-2017 19:05

Buy now These aromatic Fairtrade coffee capsules have a slightly sweet note to them, which is naturally found in the medium roast.

Expect a hint of acidity, a touch of nuttiness and a squeeze of nectarine on the palette.

As pod machine ownership continues to grow, more brands are now offering compatible pods so you’re not tied to the manufacturer’s own-brand.

Although there are various machines available, we’ve focused on Nespresso-compatible capsules, as while Dolce Gusto and Tassimo (which have different shaped capsules and different machines) are popular, there are limited alternative capsules aside the manufacturers’ own.

In fact, one in three households now owns a machine, so it’s clear that we aren’t ready to forgo our daily caffeine fix.You’ll find there’s less coffee in a pod than you get in your local coffee shop, so don’t be afraid to double up for a more authentic taste, and don’t pay too much attention to the strength rating stated – with no consistency between brands, it varies greatly.