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In Of Mice And Men there are several different levels of prejudice shown, all contributing to the failure o The story Of Mice and Men is one of the most well known novels throughout the world.

This very popular book is a favorite of many people. I will explain some of the important factors as well as details in this story.

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This book has been either banned or challenged for over twenty years from a variety of different schools and libraries.

I think Of Mice and Men should not The movie "Of Mice and Men" had many differences while still giving the same message that the book was portrayed to have.

One of the major differences was that Candy never came into the room when Lennie and Crooks were talking to each other.

George and Lennie arrive at the ranch the next morning.

There they meet Candy, an old handyman with only one hand, and the boss, who questions George and Lennie about their skills.John Steinbeck's writing is taken to offense by many people, causing this book to have a negative impression.

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