Sexy english movies online

19-Dec-2017 14:47

For a brief time, after this movie, Denise Richards was a major sex symbol.The film had some steamy love scenes between Richards and Matt Dillon and Neve Campbell.This film’s “classic” status slightly undercuts how dark and sexual it is.To the casual observer it seems like a 1980s comedy, but it really is a sexual journey of a repressed teen (Tom Cruise) who falls for a prostitute (Rebecca De Mornay).In this drama, William Hurt gets lured into her bed…and her sordid web of crime and deceit.The two have a magnetism that is lost on fan’s of their more recent work.

It’s not surprising Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams are back on this list.

It also made all of America stop focusing on degrees of Kevin Bacon and more on the general amount of Kevin Bacon who made full-frontal movie history.