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That is correct; Keith, I know you'd love to have 66,600 because we threw in an extra 50,000 there. Burmese 1600 15004966-25 30073 THE HEISMAN TROPHY Originally, the Heisman Trophy was named for this NYC club where the award was annually presented It was called the DAC Trophy for [*]. Tahiti 400 DD: 03332-22 30395 "A" and "E" (Alex: Just to clarify, each response will begin with an "A" or an "E"; we titled the category as a link to BIOGRAPHY.) Ocean in which you'd find Ellesmere Island Arctic Ocean 400 05074-15 30407 PHYS ED (Sarah of the Clue Crew uses a wooden cup and ball toy.) The ancient pastime I'm practicing was said to improve coordination between these two body parts [After seeing Sarah's successful catch] Oh boy.

Edward the Confessor (Edward III) 1800 DD: 8,5005094-6 20406 BEFORE THEY WERE FIRST LADIES (Sarah of the Clue Crew reads.) This woman used this camera back when she was an aspiring photographer for a Washington D. newspaper (Jacqueline) Kennedy 200 05006-22 20422 MOVIE TERMS (Jon of the Clue Crew shows some computer-rendered stills of movie action on a monitor.) Computer programs have their own version of this traditional series of sketches that illustrates the narrative the storyboard 400 03148-19 20449 4 EASY LIT QUESTIONS...

You have to find the word that indicates the bird.) At NYU, Martin Scorsese taught future filmmakers Spike Lee and Oliver Stone a martin 300 0100005-43 30061 COMMUNICATIONS U Thant spoke to the U. general assembly in English, although this was his native tongue My only wish is that our scoreboards were as right as your responses; you contestants are going so quickly we're having trouble keeping up with you: let's put in the correct scores right now. Blimpies 500 004985-7 30149 SPORTS EVOLUTION (Sarah of the Clue Crew delivers the clue from Utah Olympic Park, with Cheryl and Jimmy pushing her in a bobsled.) Begun in the 1800s, the first bobsleds didn't have these--a garden rake was used instead brakes 200 03327-41 30200 FUN WITH ROMAN NUMERALS (Alex: Each correct response will be a number represented by Roman numerals.) The initials of the type of medical equipment being set up here gave us this number 4 (IV) 1400 04092-39 30215 NOW, YOU TELL ME (Alex: A whole category about the National Association for Women...) NOW's policy on this 1991 scandal says, "Whereas" Navy aviators cornered women and "passed them down a gauntlet?

Mark, you have 19,500 points, Paul has 8,300 points, Cathy, you have 4,100. " the Tailhook Scandal 1400 03284-51 30220 BLACK PROFILES IN COURAGE (Alex: This was inspired by a book of the same title by one of our favorite celebrity participants, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar) During the revolution, James Armistead spied on this general, revealing his camp at Yorktown Lord Cornwallis 1800 03288-33 30326 IF THEY WERE SUPERHEROES (Alex: All of the correct responses will end in the letters "M-A-N"; example: Superman.) Her song "Give Me One Reason" would make her enemies' lips turn rough and crack (Tracy) Chapman 1200 05013-54 30338 PHYSICAL SCIENCE (Sarah of the Clue Crew swirls water in a bottle.) I'm creating a small version of this, a mass of fluid in a swirling motion; whirlpools, tornadoes and sunspots are bigger versions a vortex 2000 003010-18 30342 EXPLORERS Louis Antoine de Bougainville arrived at this island in 1768 and natives gave him fowls, fruit and naked women They don't do the same now when you go to Tahiti, by the way!

(Alex: In this category, we have four easy lit questions, and one doozy, one tough one.) This Norman Mailer novel is considered one of the finest by an American about WWII Those were pretty easy...

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The Naked and the Dead 400 04227-12 20475 ENGLISH CLASS (Alex: Uh-oh, it's like going back to school, isn't it? Kirk's mission was "to boldly go" where no man had gone before, but he split one of these along the way an infinitive 300 03310-5 30009 WORDS WITHIN WORDS (Alex: To help you, the correct response will be a word that is found within one of the words in the clue) State of a rubber raft before it's inflated Flat (in FLATed) 100 02894-29 30033 REVERSE-A-WORD (Alex: This is a new category for us; it's a little bit like anagrams; the correct response will be the reverse of one of the words in the clue) This kind of poll could determine how many Americans believe you get warts by touching a frog Straw (warts) 500 03262-30 30034 NATHANIEL HAWTHORNE (Alex: There's a tribute to this part of the country) One of Hawthorne's last works, "Chiefly About War Matters", was chiefly about this war Civil War 1200 04595-17 30051 BIRD HUNTING (Alex: In each clue, there will be a bird.

3288-45 20002 IF THEY WERE SUPERHEROES (Alex: All of the correct responses will end in the letters "M-A-N"; example: Superman.) This 1940s Chicago Bears quarterback would have won games with incredible good fortune (Sid) Luckman 1600 04969-36 20013 THE PERIODIC TABLE OF ELEMENTS (Jon of the Clue Crew shows the periodic table on a monitor.) The columns on the periodic table are of atoms with the same configuration of these as they fill the atom's shell electrons 1400 04092-45 20034 NOW, YOU TELL ME (Alex: A whole category about the National Association for Women...) NOW's first presidential endorsement was of this Democratic nominee; makes sense?