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The movie is disturbing and gross and won 5 golden raspberrys (it deserves those loser awards for sucking). If I hear somebody sing Let it Go to me one more time I am going to bury my head in the ground. In fact, the only shocking thing in the movie is the reveal of Prince Hans. Hell, I knew they were going to bring Anna back with magic. But Epic Movie -- which was made by the people involved in Date Movie and the Scary Movie series -- goofs on a laundry-list of 2006 theatrical releases and T. shows, both epic and non epic, all pinned to a framework of Disney's The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. Brokeback Mountain shouldn't be in here either homophobes.

The whole thing is a Robot Chicken sketch that escaped the small screen to the big one. Simply, a state of the art ridicule of the most current film fads and insanity -- like the way the New York stage community has fresh editions of a spoof called Forbidden Broadway every season. It's called Epic Movie because it knows how bad of a movie it is, so it pretends to be ''epic''... Seuss' The Cat In The Hat The jackasses did every thing wrong with this adaptation.

Its a suicidal movie, its the golden gate bridge of all movies, and by that I mean it makes you want to jump off it.

A girl will only like it cause they think zac efron is "SOO CUTE XOXO!

Agreed and even the creators of the series hate this movie, it's that bad. The acting is terrible, fighting terrible, character names terrible, graphics alright I guess, but all together this movie is terrible! - Blue Topaz Ice Vanilla I'm a person who takes children's entertainment seriously, whether it be cartoons or movies.

the reason I do this is because if there weren't people taking kids entertainment seriously, this is what it will become. stupid juvenile jokes, attempting to gross you out, horrible puppetry, and no backstory.

" Horrible casting, even worse dialogue, just piss poor. Second, this movie is an insult to the movie industry. The plot, which was fine in the show, was completely rushed and stupid in this movie.

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tell them this is what will happen again and again if people don't take kids entertainment seriously. trying to ..I don't know if Ted would be appropriate enough. screening things for your kids is much more than seeing if it has too much violence.The movie, however, is where they have to have a source of fire to use because they can't make fire on their own, when the comes this time, they can make it on their own.Next, the movie was supposed to be fun and inspiring and aang himself even more so, in the movie, its depressing and's like they hired writers who know absolutely nothing about kids and don't give two craps about them to write a movie that is the epitome of horrible kids entertainment without kid's parents caring about them in the slightest.

the title characters are ugly and gross because that's what disgusting little boys like right? I've seen better looking puppets from other 80s movies. They don't know any better, they can't tell the difference." of course they don't know any better!What can be said other than, "It's gonna be a cool night in Gotham!

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