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Click Here to read more i Pad is the only Free Porn tube website supporting HTML 5 video on the Apple i Pad and i Pad Mini and Android, running in Apple's Safari i Pad Web Browser.As a Porn Tube site, we clearly are NOT supported or affiliated with Apple inc..It’s hard to put a finger on it precisely, but the U. porn industry alone is probably worth a long way north of billion per year.Remember the famous adage: “If all the porn was clensed from the Internet, then there’s just be a single Web site in the world. '” Porn has always been with us, and probably always will in one form or another. This 21st Century device is likely to be a ripsnorting sales success around the globe, if the i Phone’s runaway wins are anything to go by.Widespread adoption by the porn industry also helped Blu-ray’s success over HD-DVD.


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But when it becomes clear just how much people are enjoying their new Apple tablet computer, its ease of use and its go-anywhere Internet convenience, the word of mouth effect will kick in. Take solace in the millions of dollars that’ll roll in to Apple from device sales.And the plethora of new i Pad-compatible porn sites, with their streaming video systems and online payment shopping baskets, will find a large, appreciative audience.